Digital Issuance
Digital Issuance

Instant, Hassle-Free Digital Bank Cards

We’ve all faced the hassle of having to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged, debit and credit card. You have either one or two options: wait 7-10 business days to receive your new debit and credit card in the mail, or if your bank offers the service to have your card printed at the branch. Either way, you will have to wait or make the time to go to that branch, it’s an inconvenience we can do without.

Let’s face it, these methods of issuing cards are sorely out of touch with today’s digital world.  But thankfully, Ciphertext Solutions has developed a new way for banks to issue and replace cards for every type of banking customer.

The solution is Digital Issuance through their IssueDirect service, which provides financial institutions the tools to enable their customers’ instant access to their cards, creating immediate purchasing power.

The trend towards digital wallets and mobile payments continues to grow. In fact, in 2018 alone, the use of digital wallets increased by 53%. The widespread adoption of this technology is quickly defining it as a standard in everyday commerce.

IssueDirect’s Digital Issuance allows you to dynamically create a card and add it to your mobile wallet anytime, anywhere, globally. The process is simple, just request a new card through your existing mobile banking app, and a new virtual card is generated immediately. Next, with a push of the button, you can instantly add the card to your digital wallet through their proprietary technology, making the card immediately ready to use. Within seconds of requesting your new card, you can be making your first purchase, it’s that easy.

Having greater control over your account and instant access to your money means you can carry on with your day without missing a beat.

IssueDirect also eliminates the possibility of good old-fashioned mailbox theft – which is still a considerable problem in the banking industry.

Even if you decide to visit a branch to receive a newly printed card, this can be time-consuming, impractical and this service does not come without risk. Identity thieves have used fake IDs to acquire new cards on the spot. The cards created at the branches are used to make purchases, to withdraw money from the tellers, or the banks’ ATM. With IssueDirect the risk associated with the in-person instant issuance of a card is eliminated.

With IssueDirect’s Digital Issuance, we’re making sure that the local banks you know, and love can offer the same modern conveniences as the big guys.  We know that digital wallets and mobile payments are here to stay, and we want to make it easy for every bank to offer solutions that their customers will love.

If your financial institution needs to upgrade to the digital age, Ciphertext Solutions can help.


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