Serving the Community Banks
Ciphertext Solutions, Inc
Serving the Community Banks


Community banks account for 99.5% of all banks in the United States. The integral part they play in our financial system and in driving our national economy is undeniable. And while they have proven to be resilient in the face of economic turbulence, they still face formidable challenges operating in the digital age.

Many small, local banks are working with tight budgets, and updating legacy systems, or implementing new technology is often a real financial burden. However, to stay relevant and competitive, they have to meet the expectations of today’s tech-savvy customers who want a seamless, flexible digital banking experience. That’s where we come in.

Our goal is simple. Empower community banks to compete on a national level by making it easy for them to provide leading-edge digital solutions to their customers.

Headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in New York City, Ciphertext has been quietly revolutionizing digital banking and making it more accessible to community banks since 2016.

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools, including, digital issuance, virtual card management, artificial intelligence and analytics reporting solutions that give financial institutions the competitive edge. But getting the most out of these technologies requires a shift in thinking.

Like all digital banking solutions, these tools aren’t just about keeping up with industry trends. Instead, these technologies present an opportunity to understand customer needs and habits in a more comprehensive and meaningful way. We know every financial institution has its own unique goals and challenges, and we use these to guide our tailored approach.

Providing banking customers with more convenience and control over their accounts is the driving force behind our IssueDirect suite of services.

For a cohesive customer experience, IssueDirect works through the bank or credit union’s existing mobile app and can provide Digital Issuance, Card Management, Artificial Intelligence and Business Reporting solutions.

With our Digital Issuance solution, customers can instantly create a new virtual bank card, add it to their existing mobile wallet and use it immediately. Our Card Management solution allows customers to easily and independently change their pin number, issue a travel notice, freeze a card, cancel a card, or order a new card.

AMI (Artificial Mobile Intelligence) is our robust mobile banking solution. AMI elevates customer experience while reducing the costs associated with routine customer requests, such as checking their account balance, transferring funds and assisting with opening a line of credit. The intuitive chat interface learns individual customer patterns over time and responds by further personalizing the experience.

BRAD (Business Reporting Analytics Dashboard) is our powerful analytics and reporting solution that helps financial institutions forecast trends, improve performance, set goals, and uncover new marketing and engagement opportunities. Seamlessly integrating with existing CRM technology, BRAD makes it easy to analyze data and identify customer patterns so institutions can respond in a meaningful, relevant way.

These services are becoming the standard in digital banking. Our easy solutions are helping smaller institutions keep up.

We’re proud of the work we’re doing to support local financial institutions and help them thrive.  At Ciphertext we aren’t just building solutions and strengthening businesses, we’re building partnerships and strengthening communities. If you’re in charge of a financial institution that’s in need of an upgrade to the digital banking age, Ciphertext can help


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