This is BRAD. He's got insight.

Our Business Reporting Analytics Dashboard (BRAD) is the easy way to analyze customer behavior. If you want to engage your customers in a meaningful way, it’s important to understand how they use your services. BRAD CAN HELP.


Business Reporting Analytics Dashboard (BRAD)

Supporting our IssueDirect suite of digital solutions, BRAD seamlessly integrates with existing CRM technology and makes it easy to analyze user data, patterns and preferences so you can tailor an appropriate response.

With BRAD, you can identify ideal customer segments for targeted offers, like loyalty rewards, or savings opportunities.

When you have insight into who your customers are and what they really want, it’s easier to serve them – and it’s better for your bottom line.


Visual Data Exploration

Easy Analytics

Interactive Reporting

Collaboration Capability

Insights from BRAD help financial institutions

  • Increase customer satisfaction by responding to user behavior
  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Increase revenue

Powerful data reporting also lets you understand what’s working in your business and what needs improvement. BRAD can help institutions forecast trends, improve performance, set future goals, and uncover new opportunities.

Let BRAD offer you some insight. He knows things.