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About Ciphertext

Ciphertext Solutions, Inc. was established to help community financial institutions gain the competitive advantage with leading-edge digital solutions, the kind of top-tier services usually found only at larger institutions. Making digital banking easy and providing their customers with greater convenience and flexibility.

Our digital solutions are defining a new industry standard for Financial Institutions – while reducing costs associated with routine customer service requests.

We are Headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in New York City, Ciphertext has been quietly revolutionizing digital banking since 2016.

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What we provide

Digital banking has been rapidly evolving in every way – and if you’re not operating ahead of the curve then you’re already falling behind.

With a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, we are giving financial institutions the future in digital banking by empowering them to offer their customers a more advanced mobile banking experience that includes account flexibility and control.

Our seamless digital solutions include digital card issuance, virtual account management, innovative AI, and business intelligence reporting. And with our low barrier to entry, we are defining a new standard in the digital banking space.

We understand what it takes to provide a better banking experience. That’s why we do what we do.

Why Ciphertext

Financial institutions choose to partner with Ciphertext because we don’t just build solutions, we build partnerships.

First, we take the time to understand your goals and tailor our approach to best fit your needs. Then we deliver a product that fully integrates with existing framework.

In an industry that sees companies spending as much as 80% of their IT budget on the maintenance of legacy technology, we are making it easy to update your services to meet the expectations of today’s digital savvy customers.

It just doesn’t make sense to overspend on underperformance when you can easily provide your customers with modern, convenient mobile banking services that deliver a consistent experience.

Our elegant software provides a turnkey, cost-effective solution that doesn’t just keep your business relevant –  it makes it a formidable marketplace contender.

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